Electric motorcycles

We all know that your parents and grandparents love to buy electric motorcycles for their children. Children just love to ride around outside on their electric toy motorcycles. Maybe Dad rides a motorcycle and wants his son or daughter to enjoy the thrill and freedom of freeing a motorcycle too. Browse our selection of electric motorcycles for kids.

The electric kids motorcycle and scooter specialist

Outdoortoys4kids.com has a wide range of various models of electric kids motorcycles and scooters. The kids scooters and electric children's motorcycles are suitable for a child from 1 to about 6 years old. The electric kids motorcycles and scooters are supplied as standard including charger and battery. Most electric kids motorcycles and children's scooters are equipped with side wheels, lighting and various music. Are you looking for an electric children's motorcycle or kids scooter? View our entire range of electric kids motorcycles and scooters and be surprised by the versatile range!

Order electric kids motorcycles and scooters online

At Outdoorytoys4kids.com we still think playing outside is very important, so we try to stimulate this with our electric children's motorcycles and children's scooters. In the electric kids motorcycle and scooter category, you can choose from copies of various well-known brands such as BMW, Vespa, Aprillia and Kijana. View our entire range of electric kids motorcycles and scooters here!

Electric kids motorcycles and scooters with free number plate

When ordering an electric kids motorcycles and scooters, you will receive a free and personalized number plate. You can enter the desired name when ordering before the item is placed in your shopping cart. You will find the field where you can enter the name on the product page. Please enter the name before placing the kids electric motorbike and scooter  in your basket. The license plate sticker with the name on it is supplied directly with your electric children's motorbike/children's scooter.

How do you choose your perfect electric kids motorcycle and scooter?

Choosing the perfect electric kids motorbike and scooter for your child can be difficult. There are a number of things you can/should pay attention to when purchasing an electric children's motorcycle/child scooter.

The pleasure of an electric kids motorcycle and scooter!

The most important thing is of course that your child enjoys his or her electric kids motorcycle / scooter as much as possible. For example, what is his or her favorite color? We have various colors in our range.

Type of battery for an electric kids motorcycle / scooter

When purchasing an electric kids motorcycle or scooter, it is also smart to think carefully about what kind of battery the desired vehicle should have. In our range you will find different batteries of 6V and 12V. If you know that your child is going to romp through the garden and over grassy terrain, then you are much better off with an electric children's motorcycle/scooter that has a somewhat stronger 12V battery, such as a BMW kids Motor. The difference between the batteries lies in the ability to drive over an unpaved surface, such as grass. Electric children's motorcycle / children's scooter with a 6V battery are not suitable for driving on unpaved ground, which an electric children's motorcycle / children's scooter with a 12V battery can.

The appearance and looks of an electric kids motorcycle / scooter

What is also important, of course, is the look of the electric kids motorcycle/scooter. Think of the color and the model. A cool black BMW motorcycle or a cheerful red Vespa scooter, all kinds of combinations can be found with us. Not only do we sell the most popular brands, but we also sell a large selection of the different models available in different colors and variants!

Benefits of an electric kids motorbike/scooter for your child

There are several advantages of an electric children's motorcycle/child scooter for your child that you may have never thought about. For example, riding an electric children's motorcycle/child scooter contributes to developing a sense of direction, controlling speed and increasing reflexes!