Volkswagen kids cars

VW has always been a sign of German engineering. Volkswagen has made everything from small city cars to sports cars with powerful engines, luxury cruisers and jeeps, but one of the all-time classics has to be the VW Beetle. Its iconic shape has stood the test of time and the latest shape is an ultra-cool benchmark for funky car design. So take a look at our range of Volkswagen kids cars including the latest VW Beetle electric kids car. Also see what other types of electric kids cars we have in our range, such as Audi, Mercedes and Ferrari!

Volkswagen electric kidscar

At we have a wide range of electric children's cars, including the licensed cars from Volkswagen. These children's electric cars feature great details such as working headlights and opening doors. The Volkswagen kids cars are equipped with a seat belt and standard equipped with a remote control so that you can drive it yourself if your son or daughter is not ready for it yet.

Electric car child

At we have a mission to encourage both indoor and outdoor play. Kids spend way too much time on different screens for our liking, and we felt the need to do something about it. Hence our sale of electric kids cars!