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Electric kids car

We have been an electric kids car specialist for years. See first, then believe? Look at all our brands on Such as finding a Mercedes cars fors kids or Jeep electric kids car. We also have electric motor bikes, quads, buggys, scooters and allot more!

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  1. BMW kids car X6 white Alle producten BerghoffTOYS
    BMW kids car X6 white
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  2. BMW kids car X6 black Alle producten BerghoffTOYS
    BMW kids car X6 black
    Order before 3:30pm = dispatched the same day and delivered within 1 to 3 working days
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Items 1-36 of 176

The specialist in electric kidscar

We have electric kidscar for children between the ages of one and six. In most cases, a remote control is supplied with an electric kidscar, so that you can also drive the electric kidscar yourself if your son or daughter is not ready for it yet. Are you interested in buying an electric kidscar? Check out our range of electric kidscars!

Electric kidscar with free license plate

If you order an electric kidscar from us, you can order a completely free personalized number plate with your electric kidscar. You can enter the desired name when ordering. You will find the field where you can enter the name on the product page. Please enter the name before adding the electric kidscar to your basket. The license plate sticker with the name on it is supplied directly with your electric kidscar.

How do you choose your electric kidscar?

Choosing the perfect electric kidscar for your child can sometimes be difficult. Because what do you have to think about? No worries! Below we explain what you can pay attention to when purchasing an electric children's car.

Fun in an electric kidscar!

First, you want your child to have as much fun as possible. That is ultimately the most important thing. So ask yourself when purchasing: what makes my child very happy?

Type of battery for an electric kidscar

In addition, the electric kidscar must also uit your child practically. Our electric kidscar have different batteries of 6V and 12V. If you know that your child is going to romp through the garden and over grassy terrain, then you are much better off with an electric kidscar that has a slightly stronger 12V battery, such as a beach buggy. The difference between the batteries lies in the ability to drive over an unpaved surface, such as grass. Electric kidscar with a 6V battery are not suitable for driving on unpaved ground, which electric kidscar with a 12V battery can.

The looks of an electric kidscar

Another factor to think about is of course what the electric kidscar looks like! Then you can look at the color of the electric kidscar. But also if you want to match your own car with an electric kidscar (such as a Mercedes kidscar, Audi kidscar or a Bentley kidscar), we are there for you. We don't just sell the most popular brands. We also sell a large selection of the different models available in different colors!

Benefits of an electric kidscar for your child

There are several benefits of an electric child car for your child that you may have never thought about. For example, driving an electric kidscar contributes to developing a sense of direction, controlling speed and increasing reflexes!