What is a battery warranty and what should you pay attention to?

Electric cars for kids need some care to ensure they last for years, here are some tips to help you do it The standard warranty on a battery is 14 days because this is a consumer product, it is also possible to extend this warranty with a term of 90 days in addition to the standard 14 days. If there is a battery defect within 104 days of purchasing your product, we will either repair this battery or replace it with a new one. We even take care of the shipping / return costs. Extending the warranty on your battery will only cost you € 29 once. Here are some tips to keep your battery and vehicle in top condition.

Maintenance of electric car for children and children's motor

● Also charge the product when your child is not using it. It is
important to keep battery components active. Failure to charge the vehicle regularly can damage the battery and prevent the product from charging. We recommend that you recharge it at least once a month. Charge the product for 8-10 hours, no more, no less.
● Make sure the product is turned off after your child has played with it.
● Do not leave your car outside, it is recommended to keep your car in a dry and humid place.
● Disconnect the battery when you are not charging or using the product.
● To clean the vehicle: take a damp cloth or glove. Never pour water directly on the vehicle, as this can damage the electronic circuits.