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What do you get when you extend the warranty on your vehicle?

Because a vehicle is a consumer product, we offer a standard 14-day warranty after the product is purchased. It is also possible to extend this warranty for 365 days, so a total of 379 days warranty! This is only possible immediately after the purchase of the product for an amount of € 49, not after.

What is included in the 365 day extended warranty?

● Electronics not working
● Remote control not working
● Stuck wheels
● The lighting does not work
● Control box not working
● Defective buttons
● Faulty music player
● Spare parts *
● The vehicle is no longer driving due to an unknown problem *
● Free return of the repaired product from our warehouse
● Free shipping from our spare parts warehouse

What is NOT included in the 365 day extended warranty?

● Defective battery
● Exterior scratches / dents / damage
● Scratches / dents / damage to the interior
● Broken cables
● * The above problems are not included