FAQ video's

1. Use of the mp3 player function.


2. How to assemble the wheel.


3. How to connect the parental remote


4. How to assemble your kids car.

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5. My package arrives, what do I pay attention to.
6. I have checked everything, I can now assemble.
7. I have damage to my car, what do I do now?
8. Connecting various remote controls.
9. Install various wheels.
10. Installing the handlebars.
11. Assembly of parts.
12. Child car lighting.
13. USB, Mp3 and TFT explanation.
14. Where is my personal registration number?
15. Children's car lighting.
16. Low speed & Highspeed explanation.
17. What is soft start.
18. Charging the battery.
19. Battery maintenance.
20. Cover for children's vehicle.
21. Batteries in handlebar.
22. Seat belt in child car.
23. Insert plugs into battery.
24. Assemble loose parts.
25. Bumps such as scratches.
26. Why can't I return my car after installation?
27. What does the showroom look like.
28. Explanation of the warranty.
29. Return child car.
30. Car is delivered late.
31. My vehicle does not turn on.
32. The remote control does not connect.
33. The car turns on but does not drive.
34. The car no longer steers with the remote control.
35. The car will be empty in a short time.
36. There is no ash in my child's car.
37. Securing the chair.
38. The car no longer goes as fast as before.
39. Replace battery.
40. Install training wheels
41. Installing the handlebars
42. How do I fix the split pin
43. Explanation where is my invoice and personal registration number.