A playhouse fits in any kind of garden. Not just because of the appearance; playhouses are also available in many sizes. There are playhouses for the smaller garden, to playhouses in combination with wooden play equipment for the larger gardens. And do you want a playhouse with a slide? Or rather without a slide. You can also expand your playhouse and decorate it with all kinds of fun accessories.

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A playhouse can fit in any kind of garden. Not only because of the appearance; but also because playhouses are available in many different sizes. We have playhouses for the somewhat smaller garden, to playhouses for the larger gardens that have wooden playground equipment with it. Do you want a playhouse with a slide? Or would you rather have one without a slide? Everything is possible. In addition, you can expand your playhouse and dress it up with all kinds of nice accessories.

Our mission

At we have a mission. This mission is to encourage both indoor and outdoor play. We feel children spend too much time using screens, therefore, we felt the necessity to do something about that!